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Students at Method get individual attention and don't fall through the cracks. 100% Tuition-free.
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Small Class Sizes

Students shouldn’t be stuck in large classes, where they can get lost in the crowd. Method uses an innovative rotation model that allows for class sizes of 8 or less in our direct instruction settings. We call these learning environments Focused Direct Instruction (FDI), and they lead to better results and a more positive experience for our students and teachers.
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Project Based Learning

Students at Method participate in group and individual projects that reinforce the curriculum and build problem solving skills. Projects also drive home the important points students should remember since they’re immediately applying what they learn. Students can work in group projects or individual projects of their choosing- they just need to get approval from their teacher.
My name is Ms. Fernandez, and I'm the Lead Teacher at Method. I love seeing students grow by leaps and bounds at Method through small classes, one-on-one time, and teachers who look out for each and every student. 

Ms. Fernandez Lead Teacher

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Customized Online Content

Students at Method learn in a variety of ways. One of the most powerful tools is through online classes, since these classes allow for a customized learning experience for students. When online learning is combined with projects and teachers who know each student's needs, the results are powerful. However, Method is not just an online's so, so much more.
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Individual Attention

Plain and simple, students don't get lost in the crowd at Method. We go to great lengths to make sure students are given every opportunity to thrive at Method. One-on-one tutoring and teachers who care help us ensure students are put in a position to succeed. Method even features free after school math tutoring for students who need it most!
 We're currently enrolling for grades 9-12 for summer school, and for all grades for 2015-16. 


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My name is Ms. Antekelian. I love working with my students at Method! Having access to students in a small class setting means extra attention, and students don't fall through the cracks. It really works!

Ms. Antekelian Blended Learning Pro Teacher

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My name is Ms. Feng. I love working closely with Method students to help them reach their potential. At Method, our students reach heights they never thought was possible in a traditional setting.

Ms. Feng Blended Learning Pro Teacher

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