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Robotics the foundry hands-on learning experiental learning

Boosting Your Child's STEM Skills With Robotics

Service Learning

Why is Service Learning Important in Education?

When you want to really drive home a concept about the importance of your community and civic responsibility, service le...

Service Learning student blogs

Method Movie Night

Here at Method Schools™ we have this thing called service learning, we made it to help people in anyway possible. With t...

Blended Learning

A Parent's Guide to Blended Learning: Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, it's often challenging to find a learning program that meets all of our child's needs.  Every child is uniq...

Project Based Learning

Focus on Project Based Learning: Evolving Pedagogy in Education

Project Based Learning is a well-established teaching method currently used in all types of classrooms today. It challen...

Service Learning Character Education

How Character Education Helps Kids Learn and Develop

Education isn't only about learning subjects such as math, English, and science. A more comprehensive definition of educ...

personalization personalized learning

Evolving Pedagogy in Education Part 1: Focus on Personalized Learning

Evolving Pedagogy in Education Part 1: Focus on Personalized Learning Personalized Learning has been a highly used term ...

Charter Schools school funding

How Charter Schools Are Funded: Accomplishing More With Less

Because they are public schools, charter schools should be afforded the same funding as public schools within a school d...

online home school home school

Online Home Schooling Versus Traditional Home Schooling

Back To Work! Starting Online Middle School  After Winter Break

When you first enrolled your child in online middle school, you were committed. You had all the tools that you needed to...

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