Why Partner With Method?

  • District / Method Partnerships Make Sense.

Partnering for Mutual Success 

District/Method partnerships make sense. As an independent charter school, Method has its own board of directors, make its own hiring decisions and be responsible for its own debts and liabilities. A school district authorizer would benefit from a charter school oversight fee that will be based on Method’s enrollment. As Method grows, authorizing district revenues grow. 

So why partner with Method?

  • Method is a proven service in Riverside and San Diego counties, with Los Angeles county opening in August 2015
  • Method combines project based learning with independent study flexibility - a unique offering in Southern California
  • An oversight fee that produces ongoing (and growing) revenues over time
  • Method is responsible for its own liabilities
  • Potential for MOUs that protect authorizer enrollments


April 2015 Petition to Romoland School District

⇒ View Method/Romoland Petition

⇒ View Method/Romoland Presentation 


Why Does Authorizing Method Make Sense?



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Unlock Opportunities For Southern California Families

Partnerships between Method and forward-thinking school districts bring more educational opportunities to K-12 families in Southern California. It also enhances the brand of both the district and Method. In the era of school choice, teaming up creates synergy and unlocks exciting options for all.


Method Works

Method is currently operating two successful learning centers in Southern California, with a third opening in Los Angeles in August 2015. Method's Riverside County learning center is at or near capacity for the 2014-15 school year, with an expected waiting list for 2015-16. To learn more about Method's academic record in its first year, click here


Method's Different

Method uniquely combines Project Based Learning with the flexibility of indepedent study through the use of adaptive online content. This forms a powerful learning platform that attracts students from traditional schools, charters, and home school environments. 


Revenue Growth

Authorizing Method provides districts with critical revenues from oversight/management fees. As Method grows, revenues grow. Along with revenue growth, a partnership could include contractual language that would protect the authorizing district's current enrollment.





Method's Founders



Dr. Jessica Venezia

Co-Founder & CEO

Jessica has a track record of building schools that are forward-thinking, high-performing, and often unconventional. She is particularly experienced at building online and blended learning charter schools, and has a passion for improving K-12 education through new and innovative models and concepts. Jessica holds a BA in English, an MA in Educational Leadership, and is a PhD candidate from New Mexico State University.

Mark Holley

Co-Founder & CBO

Mark has substantial marketing and finance experience within the K-12 education space, and a track record of building K-12 programs that meet the needs of a wide variety of students. He holds a B.S. in Business/Marketing from Utah Valley University and an MBA from Brigham Young University. Over the past few years, Mark has helped market some of the largest and fastest-growing blended learning K-12 schools in the country.

Why is Method Unique?




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