The Method Solution: How it Works


Students don't belong in a factory. And yet, every day millions of students in California go to schools not customized to meet their unique needs. After years of planning and building, we think we've come up with a solution that responds to student needs as diverse as California itself. 


First Thing

First off, Method is a public charter school, which means it’s 100% tuition-free. We enroll students in grades K-12. However, we don’t offer the same tracks for all grades. 



Now, let’s talk about the enrollment process. Enrollment is meant to be simple. In fact, the entire process can be handled in a few short minutes online. Students can even be enrolled using a mobile device. Once enrollment papers are received, the student's guardian will receive a follow up call from a Method enrollment specialist to finalize any pieces before the first day.



It might sound scary, but it's not! All students take a diagnostic assessment before being enrolled in any courses. This allows Method staff, parents, and even the student to work together to make the right decisions on course placement. The test is relatively short, but the results are powerful when used to build a personalized roadmap for students.

Method uses diagnostic and benchmark assessments from Renaissance Learning. While no assessment is perfect, we believe this program provides is with the best chance at successfully matching students to the perfect curriculum and pace for them.


Attendance Tracks

Next, let’s talk about enrollment tracks. Tracks are the days that your student will attend Method (if at all):


iRotate is our project-based track, with an emphasis on Math, Science, and Technology. Students in the 4 Day iRotate track attend school at a Method center four days each week. School days are standard, from 8:30 to 3:00. Because Method is considered an independent study program there is flexibility on days and times. However, iRotate 4 Day is our most structured track.

iRotate 4 Day is built for students who want a more structured academic setting, but with the flexibility and excitement of personalized, project-based learning. Most students in iRotate have been in traditional public schools or seat-based (on-site) charter schools previously. iRotate 4 Day is a great fir for students all of all ages, but for the remainder of 2014-15 we only have spots for students in grades 6-12. We’ve found these students can handle the station rotation and project-based setting most effectively.

iRotate 1 Day Flex

iRotate 1 Day Flex is a more flexible version of iRotate. Students in this track attend school at a Method center one full day per week. While there, they work on projects with other students and catch up on their online content. This is a great track for students who work independently but want a day each week that they can meet with teachers and socialize with other students. Our 1 Day iFlex is designed primarily for students in grades 6-12, but there are exceptions that we make as we assess each student’s needs at the time of enrollment.


iFlex is our most flexible track. Students in our iFlex track work in online curriculum from home, but they can also schedule one-on-one time with their assigned teacher(s) as often as they’d like. iFlex is a great for students who are in the entertainment industry, have conditions that have made attending traditional school difficult, or who are traditional home schoolers experienced at working independently. All iFlex students work in online curriculum from K12 and FuelEd. This curriculum is adaptive to student needs, but can be rigorous depending on the course. Our local teachers help our iFlex students every step of the way to ensure they’re having a positive experience and making academic progress.


Monitoring for Growth and Continued Success

At Method, we measure everything! Regular assessments and close monitoring of student performance allows us to modify pacing and instructional content for each student. The days of students sitting in a large, crowded classroom confused and afraid to ask questions are over. Well, at least they are at Method.


Small Class Sizes (Focused Direct Instruction)

All students, regardless of track, benefit from Method Focused Direct Instruction (FDI). FDI is our small classroom “lab” where students alone with a teacher or in very small classes (maximum size of 8). Using data and observations, teachers group students into small groups each day to work on specific areas of content. Sometimes it’s because the students are struggling and falling behind, and at other times it’s because students are bored and being held back in large groups. FDI happens every day at Method, and most students are in this setting 1/3 of their day. For iFlex students, FDI is delivered at the time of scheduled appointments. Each FDI session is short – 20 to 30 minutes maximum – to ensure boredom doesn’t set in.


Need More Info?

Most businesses would be pretty careful about who they shared their business plan with. But we want our customers (and potential ones) to know what our plans are so that they can provide input. Below are our latest business plans for Method K-8 and Method High in Los Angeles. The plans for our San Diego and Murrieta schools are almost identical.

Method K-8 Business Plan

Method High School Plan

Changing schools or enrolling for the first time is a big deal! We’re sure you have lots of questions. If you’d like to learn more, there are several ways to get a hold of us:
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