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Questions? Please send an email to jobs@methodschools.org

Why Work at Method Schools?

Method is a California public charter school of choice. We deliver a fresh approach to learning for students by combining small class sizes, project based learning, online curriculum, robotics, and service learning. It's an approach that works for our students. We're growing, and need educators and support staff who will help us accomplish our mission. 


More About Method:

Method is a tuition-free public charter school for studnets in grades K-12, open to students in all Southern California counties. For 2017-18, Method operates centers in Arcadia, Murrieta, and San Diego County. Method is project-based and customized for individual student needs. Teachers who are flexible and uncomfortable with rigid, old-school edu practices tend to thrive at Method.  

At Method, our mission is to build a charter school solution that meets unmet student needs. We’ll build and grow sustainably, while always questioning the old way of doing things. We’ll know we’re on track when more than half of our students enroll due to word-of-mouth referrals.