Method Middle School

  • Middle School @ Method means small class sizes, indivudal attention, and projects students love. 

Middle School that Makes Sense

Middle school students don't get lost in the crowd at Method. 

Let’s be honest…middle schoolers deserve better school options. Large class sizes, impersonal curriculum from outdated textbooks, and the drama…don’t even get us started. Well, at Method we know middle schoolers. They’re not forgotten, stuck-in-between pre-adults to us. They’re actually at a critical age for college and career success. That’s why we built a hands-on, project-based school featuring very small class sizes and teachers who aren’t stuck on doing the same old things. The result? Here are a few features:

Middle School @ Method features:

  • Blended learning format, with up to 4 days on-site
  • Very small class sizes
  • Flexible schedules, with online work completed at or away from a Method center
  • Projects that make learning fun
  • Lots of one-on-one attention
  • Math tutoring

In short, Middle School @ Method means Project Based Learning combined with small class sizes, in a very flexible environment. Perfect for middler schoolers!


Method is WASC accredited, and students should have no problem transferring to another middle or high school. 




2015-16 Courses

Method middle school courses for 2015-16 are delivered in three ways:

  • In-person as projects
  • Method-built courses delivered online
  • Online courses from Compass Learning




Method middle school students can attend at one of Method's centers, in Arcadia and Murrieta, or online.


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