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  • Method High is flexible and self-paced, with small class sizes and lots of one-on-one attention.

Method High School Works for High School Students

High school students don't get lost in the crowd at Method. 

No matter what path high school students are on, Method High has a plan. Each student at Method is given a personalized plan to graduation, and beyond. High school students at Method have many options, including attendance tracks that make sense and one-on-one tutoring that drives home key concepts that can be difficult to master in traditional schools.

Why Method?

  • WASC-accredited
  • Comprehensive UC-approved course list
  • Comprehensive NCAA-approved course list
  • Huge course selection
  • Flexible schedules, with online work completed at or away from a Method center
  • One/one tutoring
  • Open entry/exit: students can complete credits and return to their original school caught up or ahead 
  • Credit recovery or work ahead
  • Easy enrollment

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Method is WASC accredited, and students should have no problem transferring back to their original school. 




2015-16 Courses

Method courses for 2015-16 are delivered in three ways:

  • In-person as projects
  • Method-built courses delivered online
  • Online courses from FuelEd 

Download 2015-16 Course List 



NCAA-approved Courses


View NCAA-approved Courses



UC a-g Approval


Method has an extensive catalog of UC a-g courses. Below is a link to Method's current list of UC a-g approved courses, with more expected soon:

Current Method Schools UC a-g Approved Course List



Graduation Requirements

Download 2015-16 Graduation Requirements 




Method High students can attend at one of Method's centers, in Arcadia, Murrieta, El Cajon, or online.



Method Arcadia

 Method Murrieta

 Method El Cajon (Dehesa)

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