Small Class Sizes Can Lead to Amazing Things. 

Students shouldn’t be stuck in large classes, where they can get lost in the crowd. Method uses an innovative rotation model that allows for class sizes of 8 or less in our direct instruction settings. We call these learning environments Focused Direct Instruction (FDI), and they lead to better results and a more positive experience for our students and teachers.

How does it work?

Students work in online content, on projects, or participate in hands-on group courses. As needs are identified, students are combined into small groups throughout the day to get deeper instruction on learning strands they need help with the most. These FDI classes typically go for about 20 minutes – just long enough for the student to learn and retain without getting bored – and the student is returned to the activity he or she was working on previously. This could happen several times during the day using data to determine growth and effectiveness.

Which students are eligible?

FDI is one phase of the Method rotational model, and it’s available to students in all iRotate tracks. If students participate in iRotate, which is Method’s onsite learning track, they’re eligible for FDI, regardless of how many days per week they attend.

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