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At Method Schools, Project Based Learning is a large part of our curriculum. Students have the opportunity to choose projects that fit their interests and needs. We have offerings in both English/History and Math/Science.


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 Method Project Based Learning Teachers:

Ms. DeLuca

Project Based Learning Pro

Beth has several years of experience in project based learning, and graduated from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York.  She earned a Masters in Education from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education in 2014. She recently published I'm Feeling Conflicted: Creating Open Communication and Conflict- Resolution Practices in a Project Based Classroom.

Ms. DeGrano

Project Based Learning Pro

Ashley holds both a bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communications and an English teaching credential from California State University East Bay. She has several years of experience in Project Based Learning, and is passionate about student driven, progressive education models. She has published multiple pieces of work around student autonomy, engagement, and project design in various education journals.