At Method, we place equal importance on education as we do students' athletic development. Student athletes receive a WASC accredited, UC and NCAA approved, individualized education, combined with elite sports performance training. Our teachers specialize in working with athletes, and our goal at Method is to facilitate student growth!

Highlights of this program include:

  • Elite sports performance training paired with elite education
  • Certified teachers who are former collegiate athletes
  • UC/NCAA, A-G approved courses
  • Grades K-12
  • 100% tuition-free

Method Schools is WASC accredited, UC/NCAA, and A-G approved. Our customized sport based curriculum ensures our students are actively engaged and truly enjoy learning.  

Method students benefit from getting full access to SmartFox, advanced online curriculum developed and customized just for athletes. Teacher support is handled online or in person via tutoring. With the ability to complete classwork on the go, students at Method are able to easily pursue all athletic opportunities that come their way, without being held down by time constraints of physical school attendance. 

Student-athletes receive elite sports performance training based on personal goals and sport-specific demands. Training programs are individualized and sport specific geared towards each individual athlete. Students in grades K-12 will shore up weaknesses, decrease injury risk, improve multi-directional movement, speed, agility, explosiveness, balance, strength, and power.

At Method, We specialize in teaching student-athletes! Students receive unlimited instruction from personable and understanding California certified teachers, even during"off hours". Our teachers are former collegiate athletes and are best suited to teach, support, and inspire your student-athlete to be the very best they can be.

Students will have the opportunity to visit multiple division I universities during the school year. Method students will tour the campus, sports facilities, meet players, and coaches. Students will also have the opportunity to meet with athletic counselors to learn more about college academic programs, NCAA eligibility requirements, and choosing a major that best suits their future. 

At Method, we serve thousands of future NCAA student athletes during our online and tuition-free summer program. 

Highlights of this program include:
  • 100% tuition-free
  • UC/NCAA, A-G approved courses
  • Athletes improve overall GPA or get ahead
  • Experienced and specialized student-athlete teacher support

Welcome to Method Athletics! At Method, student athletes balance academics and athletics on an individualized schedule that works best for them.

We place equal importance on education as we do students' athletic development, and our goal at Method is to facilitate student growth!


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