All Of Your Method Summer School Questions Answered

By Taylor Sanchez - May 16, 2018

It's almost that time of the year again where the days get warmer and longer and a beach trip seems to be on everyone's mind. Summer is also a time for students to decide if they would like to (or need to) commit to summer school during their summer break. Whether your student wants to get ahead on credits or needs to make up a class over their break, Method offers the best virtual experience for Southern Californian summer students. Both parents and students alike are excitedly anticipating the start of summer school to check out our new travel-friendly curriculum powered by SmartFox.

This summer we are currently set to serve 2,000 students and counting. As an enrollment specialist, I have encountered many common questions regarding summer school with Method. Below are frequently asked questions and answers for those seeking solutions to summer questions.


Q: What are the start and end dates for your summer program?

A: Summer school dates are determined by the student's current high school. Students and parents can click here to find summer school dates.

Q: Will credits completed with Method over the summer transfer over to my High School?

A: Yes, we are a WASC accredited school, so any credits completed with us will transfer over to any high school.

Q: Do you offer AP and Honors courses for summer school?

A: Yes, we offer AP and Honors courses to all summer students.

Q: Are your courses UC and NCAA approved?

A: Most of our summer courses are UC approved with an exception of a few courses. Parents and students can click here for a complete list of approved courses.

Q: Do you have to come to a campus for tests and quizzes?

A: No, students do not have to be present on campus for tests and quizzes. The courses are fully online.

Q: How many hours does the student need to complete a day for summer school?

A: We require students to be online and working in the curriculum for at least 3 hours a day Monday-Friday. They do not have to complete these hours consecutively and may take breaks in between.

Q: Can I complete my courses early?

A: Yes, students may complete their summer courses before their summer school end date. They will not be required to login after the course's completion, however they will need to schedule a time with their instructor to complete their final. Note, the course will not be considered completed if the student has not taken the final. 

Q: I am going on vacation in the middle of summer school, what can I do? Can I be absent for a few days?

A: Unfortunately, we do not suggest that a student miss more than 3 days of school in a row. If they do plan on missing a day or two, please let your instructor know of their planned absence. They may work additional hours prior to their absence or fully complete the course early if desired. Students may also work where ever they have an internet connection.

Q: At the conclusion of summer, how do I request my transcript?

A: All of our partnered schools will have their transcripts delivered in bulk both digitally and by mail. Students that do not attend a partnered school may create an official transcript request by emailing the student's full name, school name and address, and counselor name to

Q: How can I enroll for summer school with Method: 

A: Students can fill out an enrollment form found here to enroll with us for summer school. 


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