Online Summer School With Method

By Jade Fernandez - February 28, 2019

Online Summer School

For many of us, summer school means sitting in a class for 4 hours every day turning through textbook chapters, completing packets, and taking exams, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Method Schools Summer program allows for mobility and flexibility while still earning much needed high school credits.

Method Summer has a comprehensive course list that meets many students’ needs. If you’re a college-bound student wanting to attend UC Berkeley or a student-athlete preparing to go play at an NCAA school, Method Schools course list covers many of the classes you might need. Method’s UC a-g course list as well as the NCAA course lists, continue to be added to and updated year after year with an array of classes from AP Psychology and Honors Geometry all the way to English 9A.

Students are often obligated to many responsibilities over summer – band camp, football two-a-days, summer jobs. Because coursework is portable, you can log in and get work done from wherever you are. The Smartfox dashboard allows you to review classes, submit your assignments, and take quizzes, even chat with your teacher from your computer or your mobile devices.

Just remember, easy access doesn’t mean easy classes. Be prepared to take a high school class over summer with all of the rigor. That means you’ll be writing essays, drafting presentations, practicing your Spanish pronunciation, and taking final exams.

We don’t want to be chained to a student desk this summer, nor should we be! Method Schools gives you the courses you need in a manner that works for you this summer.


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