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customer-centric schools

How Online Tech Support Works at Method Schools

One of the biggest questions you might have when considering an online school for your child is what happens if they need technical support? With thousands of students at Method, it happens a lot. In fact, over the past year we've had 694 help tickets supported by students and parents. That's a lot of tickets to sift through, and the last thing we want is for our students to feel like we aren't there for them, or that we're holding them back or slowing them down. So, we've connected our own Method-built SmartFox software to other productivity software platforms HubSpot and Trello to automate and speed up the tech support process. Here's how it works:

School Choice

How To Stop Charter Schools From Growing

The Growth of Charter Schools Yep...charter schools are popping up like crazy all over the country, and particularly in California (see one of our previous blogs on this subject  here). It's true - more and more California families are choosing charter schools. From experience and research, it's probably due to a combination of factors, such as: