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School Choice

District v Charter: Two Solutions For California's Public School Turf Wars

Now that some of the dust has settled on the worst California legislative session imaginable for school choice proponents, maybe it's time to talk actual solutions rather than bills that put politics first and hurt students by eliminating options and educational freedom. I spent 14 years at a school district, mainly in a business capacity. I started in the district warehouse, graduated from college, and moved up into the finance department. Graduated again, moved up to a better position in the finance department. My educational background is actually in marketing, and during this time I moonlighted as a marketing consultant for mostly education clients but also a pizza restaurant, where, yes, I was paid in free pizza and the best board room imaginable to meet with clients at night and sometimes on weekends. Best client ever, by the way. Thanks always to my buddy from Boston Nicola DellaCioppa! 

education funding

Where Charter School Funding Comes From

Charter schools have been an alternative to mass public education since the 1980s and have expanded impressively in both popularity and enrollment since then. For nearly forty years, parents have been choosing smaller classrooms and more subject-focused learning because they agree that this is the better method. Due to an overlap in teaching philosophies, many people confuse charter schools with private schools, assuming that they cost tuition in order to function, but charters are public schools with a license to act independently. They are, in fact, an extension of the public school system and gain many of the same funding benefits as a traditional public school. In short, charter schools are public schools.

education budgets

An Overview of Per Student Funding in the United States and California for Traditional and Charter Schools

The United States Constitution left the responsibility for funding public schools up to state and local governments.