Independent Study is Built For Independent Thinkers

With the several hits legitimate charter schools have recently taken due to unethical players and an increased competition for student enrollments, school choice has been negatively impacted. Though there has been an impact, there is still an ongoing need for school choice due to a diverse...

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12 Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in a Homeschool

As a parent, you have embarked on perhaps your most important role ever, nurturing your child to become a great adult. With a goal that they have character, are an impact on society. You also what them to be happy and make you feel proud. Yet, there are so many obstacles we face to derail this....

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5 Concerns Home Schooling Parents Face

Parents have many reasons for choosing an online home school program.  Whether it be removing their child from negative peer pressure or looking for new ways to support special learning needs, home schooling is a quickly growing education alternative.  However, just like all school options,...

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Online Homeschooling: Creating the Pefect Learning Environment

Homeschooling is a valuable learning experience, both for children as well as parents.  There is a variety of unique reasons to homeschool your children.  For some parents, homeschooling is a way to protect their children from dangerous outside influences.  Other families find that their...

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Major Advantages for Going with an Online Home School

Choosing a schooling system that works for your child can be a tricky affair, especially given all the complications of modern living. For example, maybe you move around a lot, or you have some other detail of your situation that makes putting a child into a local public school completely...

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Encouraging Project Based Learning at Home

Any parent who chooses a project-based learning curriculum for their child is clearly invested in their education as it applies to their future. After all, the big idea behind project-based learning is to encourage students to acquire and apply information in an effective way.

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Online Home Schooling Versus Traditional Home Schooling

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Creating a Schedule for Online Home School: 5 Questions to Ask

One of the hardest things about transitioning to online home school is learning to adhere to a schedule. You have what initially feels like an endless amount of freedom in front of you, and it's easy to fall into the trap of ignoring those school responsibilities. There are so many other things...

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How to Make California’s Homeschooling Programs Better

Homeschooling is not new to education. There are homeschooling program options throughout California that have served students on a smaller scale for years. Traditionally, homeschooling programs attracted students who were either in need of a home hospital type of set up or for students who had...

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Encouraging Social Interaction When Your Child Attends an Online School

Many parents worry about choosing an online home school for their children for one simple reason: the social aspect. When a child attends school online, they aren't surrounded by their peers anymore. Instead, they're isolated on the other side of a computer screen, learning independently instead...

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