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How to Make Healthy Habits Stick for Kids

Everyone loves New Years. It's a time for us to erase the shortcomings of last year, as well as allow us to open a fresh book filled with blank pages of opportunity that allow us to fill the pages of whoever we hope to be. New Years day is a day dedicated to mass reflection and positivity because with a New Year everything seems possible. It is common to set personal goals that reflect the healthy habits we have always wanted to incorporate into our own lives--eating healthier, exercising more, spending more time with loved ones--however, these goals are often difficult if not impossible to stick to. 

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How to Help Your Student in an Online Environment

Remote learning, distance learning, homeschool, and independent learning are all words that convey distance and independent learning is defined as not depending on another.  However, that is far from the goal and experience of Method Schools students and teachers. Here we share tips and advice from experienced teachers about navigating remote learning outside of the cookie-cutter traditional classroom. Throughout the week we will hear from Mr. Bentley, a High School counselor and teacher on motivating and goal setting for that mysterious high school student. Click here for advice on online high school students. Ms. Godshaw works exclusively with supporting families with students needing intervention and how best to provide that in an online environment. Ms. Sosnowski, former teacher and our curriculum director. She shares how to get the most from your child’s curriculum. Ms. Pinter, an elementary teacher and program coordinator, talks about technology skills in an online learning environment and how best to communicate with teachers.

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Making the Most out of Unintentional Homeschooling

While I acknowledge that these are downright scary and dangerous times for many people in the world, those of us who are lucky enough to be healthy and still making some income have a golden opportunity to invest our most precious commodity into our children: time.  


Games Increase Math Skills

Don’t we all just want to play games all day instead of doing homework? Well, there is a way to improve mathematical thinking and have social time with your family by playing board games. All board games have an educational component in them. It may be memorization, strategizing, critical thinking, etc. but there are some games that specifically focus on the math part of the brain.

Independent Study

5 Tips for Successful Independent Study

5 Tips for Successful Independent Study  When you join the wondrous world of a quality virtual charter school, you have plenty to gain; a better education as well as the flexibility to have fun and be successful. You will find it engaging for your child, the one who get easily bored at school. For gifted learners, they will be better challenged; with those who struggle, they can move at their own pace. The “wondrous” part is that you gain flexibility and better student engagement. As with any great undertaking, there are tips that will make your child’s academic life more manageable and even easier. Here are our top five: