Why It Is Important To Identify and Meet Individual Learner Needs When Teaching Small Class Sizes

Education is crucial to the success of an individual in their adult life, and the best way to start that individual off on the right path is by providing the most superior education that you as a parent can provide. While many public schools get a bad reputation for huge classes and little...

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Be Open: Plan A Doesn't Always Work

Dr. Jessica Spallino’s blog The Emerging Doctrine of Schoolism illustrated how prejudice can get in the way of progress and can lead to elitism. This is true whether it's trying to find a job, run a school, or do pretty much anything in life. We live in an era of strong, polarizing opinions that...

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Today's School Means Less Lectures and More Learning

School has changed. At least, it’s changing. It’s less about showing up, and more about engaging. One of the most exciting things I get to do is observe our schools. The scenes I encounter are much different than what I remember when I was a student. Here are some of the key characteristics of...

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We're on a mission to develop tools and educational practices that promote growth for every stakeholder. Through the continuous advancement of self-created systems and processes, Method Schools aims to cultivate a culture of growth throughout every facet of the organization.

Dr. Jessica Spallino
Founder and CEO
Every student is our story. SmartFox, built by Method, is an online learning platform that saves money, keeps CA Ed funds in CA, and provides closed loop reporting for better academic results.
Mark Holley
Founder & CBO
We're proud to have built a financially sound, 100% ethical,  innovative organization that focuses on academic achievement, constant reinvention, and perpetual growth. Every student has a story. And serving every individual student is our story. 
Method Team

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