Online Summer School With Method

Online Summer School

For many of us, summer school means sitting in a class for 4 hours every day turning through textbook chapters, completing packets, and taking exams, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Method Schools Summer program allows for mobility and flexibility while still earning...

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Must-Have Resources for Online High School Students

Although online schooling offers a host of amazing benefits such as increased independence and positive atmosphere, finding extra resources and tools for online high schoolers is sometimes a challenge. Healthy and enjoyable resources should complement their education and help them grow...

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How Online High School Changes the Shape of Your Student's Day (And Yours)

When you're considering an online high school for your student, one of the biggest difficulties is that you have no idea what your day or your child's will look like. If you've never home schooled previously, particularly if your child has always been enrolled in public school, you might...

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Choosing a School in California - Why WASC, UC, and NCAA Matter (Updated)

There are a large number of charter schools available to choose from today and that number continues to grow. It can be a daunting task for students and their parents to sift through the numerous options when looking for a charter school in which to enroll. Identifying the differences between...

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How Project-Based High School Can Benefit Your Teenager

Unless you're Hermione Granger, there were probably subjects in school that you just didn't enjoy.  You know the ones.  You probably spent the entire class period sitting there with your head propped up on one hand, wishing that the teacher would stop lecturing already so that you could do...

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Method Students Launch Online Marketing Campaign

Is This Project Based Learning?

There are so many definitions of Project Based Learning (PBL) it's hard to keep up. As a non-educator, I might not be the expert that some are. But I have worked in the K-12 market for 15 years, and I don't think anyone owns the definition of PBL. It's open...

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We're on a mission to develop tools and educational practices that promote growth for every stakeholder. Through the continuous advancement of self-created systems and processes, Method Schools aims to cultivate a culture of growth throughout every facet of the organization.

Dr. Jessica Spallino
Founder and CEO
Every student is our story. SmartFox, built by Method, is an online learning platform that saves money, keeps CA Ed funds in CA, and provides closed loop reporting for better academic results.
Mark Holley
Founder & CBO
We're proud to have built a financially sound, 100% ethical,  innovative organization that focuses on academic achievement, constant reinvention, and perpetual growth. Every student has a story. And serving every individual student is our story. 
Method Team

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