Encouraging Social Interaction When Your Child Attends an Online School

Many parents worry about choosing an online home school for their children for one simple reason: the social aspect. When a child attends school online, they aren't surrounded by their peers anymore. Instead, they're isolated on the other side of a computer screen, learning independently instead...

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What Is It Really Like To Online Home School?

Online home school is a relatively new proposition on the educational scene. Not so long ago, your choices were traditional home school, where the parent took care of most of a child's learning, public school, or private school. Online home school is a blend of public school, private school, and...

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5 Things You Need to Start Online Middle School

If you've been considering online middle school as an option for your child, one of the first things you want to do is prepare. You know that online school is going to be very different from a traditional brick and mortar school. Knowing what materials you need to have on hand is a critical part...

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The Increasing Popularity of Online Education

As of this year, 5 million students under eighteen have taken at least one class online. More than 300,000 students are enrolled online full time. 

Online education is now available in some form in every state. In five states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, and Virginia), students are...

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Talking About Online Home Schooling with Well-Meaning Relatives

Every member of your family won't agree with your decision to try online home school for your student. In fact, in some cases, your relatives and friends may become downright passionate or even hateful about something that doesn't concern them at all. While you have the right to avoid the...

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Using Winter Break to Catch Up in Online Home School

Uh-oh. You're halfway through the year, and you've just realized that your child has fallen way behind in their online home school work. They haven't been completing assignments. Their progress has slowed to a screeching halt. Now, all of a sudden, you're looking at piles of extra work that need...

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4 Things You Should Know About Online Middle School Before You Get Started

Middle school is a tricky time in the lives of many children. Teachers universally agree that seventh grade, in particular, is one of the hardest years to teach. When you consider online middle school for your child, you're accepting that many of those difficulties are going to land squarely on...

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Creating a Schedule for Online Home School

One of the hardest things about transitioning to online home school is learning to adhere to a schedule. You have what initially feels like an endless amount of freedom in front of you, and it's easy to fall into the trap of ignoring those school responsibilities. There are so many other things...

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3 Signs Your Child Might Not Be Cut Out For Online High School

Online high schools are a dream come true for many kids.  They're away from the pressures of bullies, teachers who don't teach to their level, and dozens of other problems that characterize a typical day in the life of a high school student.  They can work at their own pace, contact teachers...

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The Benefits Online High Schools Provide

As your child enters their high school years, you may begin to question which option will best meet their educational needs. With public schools, private schools, charter schools, and online charter schools available, there are resources available to meet the learning needs of a wide variety of...

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