Online Summer School With Method

Online Summer School

For many of us, summer school means sitting in a class for 4 hours every day turning through textbook chapters, completing packets, and taking exams, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Method Schools Summer program allows for mobility and flexibility while still earning...

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Top Four Reasons Parents Choose a Specific Charter School

"If you build it, they will come."

Not necessarily! I used to think that this phrase from one of my favorite movies applied when it came to building and marketing schools to K-12 families. Today, not so much. Parents have so many new and exciting school options to choose from. This...

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Are Charter Schools Effective?

The performance of charter schools has been a topic of much debate in education since the first charter school opened its doors in 1992. Typically, the loudest voices for or against charters have come from the education leaders and the schools themselves. Basically, those with the most to gain -...

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Differentiation Through Data, Part 1


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Growth of Charter Schools in California

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What Should I Look For? How To Pick The Right Charter School


You probably don’t need us to tell you this, but there are lots of schools to choose from - especially with the rapid growth of charter schools. California is at the heart of the school choice movement, with well over 1,000 charter schools. We spoke with a parent recently who...

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Project Based Learning Matches How Students Learn

I have been working in the charter school industry in a variety of capacities for many years. The experience combined with many years of schooling from teaching and administrative credential programs to a PhD program in curriculum, has prompted much reflection on education, schooling and what...

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Method and The Common Core (again...)

Does Method "Follow Common Core?"

We get asked frequently - all the time really - if we "follow common core," "do common core," "align with common core," etc. Sometimes, people have heard just a little about Common Core State Standards and are curious to hear more. More often than that, however,...

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Taking Risks and Being Untraditional

How does a teacher become untraditional in a system that has remained unchanged for the past sixty years?  

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Socialization: It's a Matter of Quantity vs. Quality

We receive many questions from parents regarding the number of opportunities for socialization when a student is in enrolled in a blended learning program such as Method Schools. As a mother of a child enrolled in blended learning programs throughout her educational career and as an experienced...

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We're on a mission to develop tools and educational practices that promote growth for every stakeholder. Through the continuous advancement of self-created systems and processes, Method Schools aims to cultivate a culture of growth throughout every facet of the organization.

Dr. Jessica Spallino
Founder and CEO
Every student is our story. SmartFox, built by Method, is an online learning platform that saves money, keeps CA Ed funds in CA, and provides closed loop reporting for better academic results.
Mark Holley
Founder & CBO
We're proud to have built a financially sound, 100% ethical,  innovative organization that focuses on academic achievement, constant reinvention, and perpetual growth. Every student has a story. And serving every individual student is our story. 
Method Team

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