5 Steps to Selecting a School for Your Child

5 Steps to Selecting a School for Your Child

  1. Google “How to Find a Good School for Your Child”
  2. Look through the long list including the snippet telling you how to Google “4 steps to Selecting a School for Your Child.”
  3. Rub temples; headache is fast approaching
  4. Check Great Schools and get...
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We Scrapped Our School Model. Here's Why.

Imagine for a moment a small mom and team that wants to open up a bike shop. They have a great idea, a product that stands out, and they're hungry. They see a need in their community for a more personal bike shop that sells high quality bikes and parts while providing topflight service. They...

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We're on a mission to develop tools and educational practices that promote growth for every stakeholder. Through the continuous advancement of self-created systems and processes, Method Schools aims to cultivate a culture of growth throughout every facet of the organization.

Dr. Jessica Spallino
Founder and CEO
Every student is our story. SmartFox, built by Method, is an online learning platform that saves money, keeps CA Ed funds in CA, and provides closed loop reporting for better academic results.
Mark Holley
Founder & CBO
We're proud to have built a financially sound, 100% ethical,  innovative organization that focuses on academic achievement, constant reinvention, and perpetual growth. Every student has a story. And serving every individual student is our story. 
Method Team

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