Tuition & Cost

Method Schools is tuition-free for students in grades K-12. We believe in providing an excellent education and free curriculum.

Method Schools offers a tuition-free education for students in grades K-12, emphasizing our commitment to delivering outstanding education and a complimentary curriculum. As a public school, we adhere to state and federal laws governing education, ensuring accessibility to all students..


At Method Schools, transparency is key – there are no unexpected fees when you enroll. Choosing public school education is a voluntary decision, and the process is straightforward. To join, you need to submit a proof of withdrawal document indicating your child's last day at their previous school. Once we receive this official document, your child can commence their educational journey with Method Schools.


Given the public and optional nature of Method Schools, notifying us about your decision to discontinue attendance is essential. Inform your homeroom teacher or an enrollment specialist about your child's last day with Method Schools. Should you require it, we are happy to furnish a withdrawal letter upon request. Ensuring our staff is aware of your withdrawal plans is crucial for a smooth transition.