Transcript Request

Request official copies online at

Official Transcripts & Delivery

Please use the official transcript request form posted on our website at Once we process your transcript, you will receive an email confirmation from a staff member stating where your transcript was mailed.

Requesting More Than One Transcript

If you're requesting more than one transcript to your home and school, please note that you need to make a separate request for each transcript. Please submit a form stating you need a transcript sent to the school/university and which department. Please submit a form stating you need a transcript mailed to your home address.

Unofficial Copies

If you want to request an unofficial copy, you can log into your student dashboard at Once you've logged in, you can click on "unofficial transcript" on the left-hand side. It will automatically prompt you to download the transcript to your computer, or a specified location on your phone.

Our school does not take part in Parchment. We cannot send transcripts using Parchment.