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Emails: The parent and student email should be an email that you both check consistently. We communicate primarily via email and chat. If you are a student, do not use your school email address; your email isn't active and you will miss important communication from us. The parent and student email that you provide on the enrollment form must be different from one another.

Registration documents: If you don't have these docs with you that's okay, you can submit them later; however, please provide all enrollment documents before students can begin.

Please submit an enrollment form only once. If you need to make any changes to the enrollment form, please contact your assigned enrollment specialist.


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January 28: Orange Track registration opens.

June 10: Receive a "launch info" email with further information, such as orientation, teacher, etc.

June 21: Before the first day of class, finish your online orientation course. This class is not a credit course but helps your success while you navigate the Smartfox portal.

June 24: Classes begin

July 1: All single semester classes begin (students taking 5 credits only). Classes will end on July 22.

August 2 (around): You've made it! Finish up your second semester class.

3 Days After: You should receive your final grades. You can request copies of your grades from the student dashboard. Digital grades should be ready by August 7.

Want to stay enrolled at Method? After your first grades are posted, you can then enroll in your next group of courses!

You can request an official transcript at www.methodschools.org/request-transcripts.



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All SoCal high school students entering grades 9-12 for the 2019-2020 school year, and whose graduation years are as follows:

♥ Class of 2020 ♥ Class of 2021 ♥ Class of 2022 ♥ Class of 2023

And high school students residing in these counties:

♥ Los Angeles ♥ San Diego ♥ Orange ♥ Riverside ♥ San Bernardino ♥ Ventura ♥ Kern ♥ Imperial



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Course Format: All of our classes are online. Textbook? The only textbooks that are required are for all the AP classes. We will send those to you via mail or an eBook format.

How many classes can you take? That's a great question. We recommend taking up to 3 classes (15 credits).

Class Schedule: Your teacher will create and send you a pacing guide; this guide will have a list of your assignments, lessons, and quizzes/exams that you will need to complete each day until the end of the school term/semester. Each module includes lessons, discussions, quizzes, and module exams.

You can work at the pace of the guide or work ahead. If you finish the semester early, please make arrangements with the class instructor to schedule your final exam. A class is not complete until you take the final exam.

For the final exam, you will need a webcam, microphone, a valid form of ID, and the web based application, Zoom.

The best part, these classes are accessible anywhere with internet access (mobile, tablet, laptop).

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Please note that students have no right to admission in a particular school of a local education agency (such as a school district) as a consequence of enrollment at Method, except to the extent that such a right is extended by the local education agency.