What is Method Schools?

Method Schools is a WASC accredited, independent study charter school throughout southern California. We specialize in a homeschool environment with high end college ready courses. This is a great option for student athletes, performers, and students on the go. Students receive daily communication with their teacher, a mobile friendly curriculum with UC a-g courses, and lots of instructional support through one on one meetings, virtual class groups, and test prep.
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Virtual Small Classes

A small ratio of onset learning with your classmates. Student and teacher work toward closing the gap in their challenges using data-driven results. Students learn goal settings based on state standards. 

Ms. DeSena works to determine a theme to a story. Using video, PowerPoint, and whiteboard she is able to work with all of her students in a classroom setting.

Test Prep

One on One Meetings

Ensure high-quality learning for all. Instruction is personalized based on each student's strengths, needs, and interests. Students will work collaboratively, learn effective communication, and "learn how to learn" in a personal environment.

Ms. Amy goes over a math lesson about primes and composites. This is a great time to get individual attention with your teacher.

1 on 1 Meeting
Study Hall

Study Hall

Study halls are hosted virtually every week. Each teacher will have designated times that study hall is open and based on the subject area. Study hall is designed to help students in specific subjects. Ask your homeroom teacher to direct you to subject-specific study halls when you need it.

Our student scholar program is for students to act as tutors or "help a friend". You should ask your homeroom teacher about participation and how to help or get help. 

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular tiles are 9 weeks "elective classes". Students can participate in 3 - 4 tiles but aren't required. These are good opportunities for students to socialize with their classmates in and out of the classroom. You can also discover new interests or pick up a new hobby. Try our Comic Book Conquerors or Jam with Joe and learn how to play electric or acoustic guitar. Students can enjoy hands-on learning or discussion.

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Smartfox Goes Mobile


Smartfox has K-12 courses via an online platform. Students can access assignments, lessons, tests, chat with our staff using instant message, have fun discussions in the forum. The platform works on all devices.

Not in a place where your laptop is nearby? No problem, you can log in with your phone and access a quick quiz or ask your teacher a question. Check it out for yourself or get in touch with us for a demo.

Attendance Options

Method Schools offers two attendance tracks.

Track A (summer) is great for high school students who want to get ahead or for those who might be behind. Students can take up to 15 credits and courses are UC a-g and NCAA approved. Summer school is the end of June - beginning of August. 

Track B (traditional) is offered for students in grades K - 12. Students receive instructional support via 1:1 meetings, small class instruction, extracurricular tiles, and study hall. A virtual option with lots of support and personalization. Instructional funds are offered to all students for extracurricular and academic purpose.

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