Enrollment Won't Submit

The enrollment form isn't processing. Please call our office at 951-461-4620 x 0.

If you're attempting to submit an enrollment form and it is not processing, here are common questions that may be missed:

Section 2: When selecting the most recent school and you choose "Other (current school isn't listed), a drop-down field appears asking you to state the school your child attends. This field is sometimes missed, so please review.

Section 3: We ask for your household size and income. Once you show how many people live in your household, a drop-down field appears asking for your annual income. Please review this field prior to submitting the enrollment form.

Section 5:  This area is not a requirement at the time you enroll. We'll follow up with you to complete registration after you've submitted an application.

IF after troubleshooting all sections, you still cannot submit an enrollment form, please call our office at 951-461-4620 x 0.