High School Quiz Retake Policy

This explains the retake policy for all High School quizzes and exams.

Students are allowed two retakes on any quiz or exam. 


If a student has reached this limit, is still not satisfied with their score, and they wish to retake the quiz or exam, they will have 2 options:


  1. Submit notes to the teacher of record for the class. Once reviewed, the teacher will unlock the quiz for an additional retake.
    1. If the lesson(s) for the quiz needing to be retaken is discussed/reviewed during a weekly meeting, the student’s mentor teacher can grant the retake.
      2.  Alternatively, mentor teachers can assign study hall time ( for a minimum of 30 minutes),         preferably in the study hall for the quiz/exam subject, to allow their student time to review         their lessons and create notes. Once the student has discussed their reviewed information           with the study hall teacher, the study hall teacher will grant the retake.


Please note: After a third retake has been granted, each additional retake will come only after continued review and discussion with the student's mentor teacher.


Students are encouraged to practice their note-taking and study skills on their first run through their lessons and for their first quiz or exam. By doing this, they will eliminate the need to redo notes, meet with teachers for additional assistance and discussions regarding their performance, and should need fewer quiz or exam retakes.


Please reach out to your mentor teacher with any questions about this.