How to: Submitting an Assignment

All assignments must be submitted in the SmartFox platform. You can upload or copy and paste your work online.

Within the module of the class, click on Assignment. The left-hand side is the instructions you need to do for the assignment. The right-hand side is where you will submit your work; you have the choice to copy and paste or upload your work. Click on Show Assignment, if you are copying and pasting, make sure you've copied your work from the document and paste it into the white textbox. If you are uploading, click on Upload File, then Upload, locate the document (PDF), click on the document and click Choose, then click Submit. The last thing you MUST do to ensure your assignment is submitted, click Save. You will get a confirmation window that pops up once you click on save.

If you've chosen to complete the assignment within Microsoft word or Google Sheets (which we highly recommend completing the assignment on either program, so you have it as a backup), you can copy and paste the text into Smartfox or save it as a PDF; that is a universal file that anyone can open without needing a particular program.