Learning Coach

We ask that the parent(s) or an alternative, responsible adult be involved in your student’s experience with Method Schools.

As independent study programs are not entirely independent of a teaching adult, Learning Coaches play a vital role in ensuring that students have the proper support needed to thrive in their academics and that we hold students accountable for following through in their educational responsibilities.

Although the role of a Learning Coach varies by grade levels, as the needs of a Kindergartener differ from that of a 6th grader or high schooler, their duties include, but is it not limited to, working directly with the student in:

  •     providing support, guidance, and instruction
  •     monitoring daily/weekly tasks through their parent portals or their student’s portal
  •     attending 1:1 meetings to guarantee that their student is on pace and attending required online classes (TP-Test Prep and TDI-Targeted Direct Instruction)
  •     effectively communicating with their teachers in a timely manner

For the first time, independent study families, these duties may seem overwhelming; however, they do not differ from what they ask in a traditional school setting. The active participation and support of the parent (s) or another responsible adult in a student’s education, along with the student themselves, and their teacher (s) is what ensures a successful educational experience and school year.

For help in navigating Smartfox or your student’s schedule, please reach out to their homeroom teacher.