Sign Up

What you need to know about signing up including the enrollment form and signing up for your classes.


Our enrollment and registration is always online. Please visit us at to register. All questions and document uploads are a requirement for public school enrollment. Not sure which school year to sign up for? The 2019-2020 school year is for our current year where you can start anytime; However, you cannot enroll in two public schools and work concurrently. The 2020-2021 school year begins on July 1. We are a year-round school; Therefore, if you're looking for a summer school program, we don't offer summer school; However, you can enroll for 2020-2021 and start with us on July 1. If you will transfer back to another high school, you need to finish all of your classes before that school's start date.


Our 2020-2021 enrollment asks if you want to select your classes now or later; This is completely up to you and if you know what you're pressure, you can choose once we create your SmartFox login and email your credentials to you. From the dashboard in SmartFox, click on Course Change Request to add or drop classes.