Spanish Classes

Method offers an online Spanish class of Spanish 1 - Spanish 4. These classes are for high school credit.

Each Spanish class (Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4) is UC a-g approved, NCAA approved, and a full year course (10 credits). If you've completed half of the course, then you can finish the other half with Method. You can't enroll in two Spanish courses at the same time because of prerequisites. We don't offer an Honors version of Spanish.

See below for a course description of each-

Spanish I (UC/NCAA/2 Semesters)

Spanish I is an introduction to listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish, as well as the cultural influences of Spanish and Latino heritage at home and abroad. Key Concepts: Introductions; descriptions; school; food; hobbies; families; home; shopping; expressions; cultural comparisons; adjectives.

Spanish II (UC/NCAA/2 Semesters)

Spanish II continues language development skills for comprehension, reading, and writing using cultural presentations and interactive activities that reinforce common grammar patterns. Key Concepts: Special events; community; TV; news; cooking; affirmative & negative commands; common & irregular verb tenses.

Spanish III (UC/NCAA/2 Semesters)

Spanish III equips students to interact verbally and in writing in varied social and business situations through discussion and analysis of complex topics using irregular grammar structures. Key Concepts: Vocab includes special events, Spanish art & literature; complex grammar (e.g., preterite, imperfect, subjunctive); commands; pronouns.

Spanish IV (UC/NCAA/2 Semesters)

Students will build on their Spanish knowledge by learning more complex grammatical structures and become equipped to read and understand a variety of literary selections. Key Concepts: Vocab includes art, self-expression, relationships, & careers; complex verb tenses & grammar (e.g., preterite, imperfect, subjunctive).