SmartFox is customizable online courseware on a mobile-friendly LMS & SIS that integrates with other applications. SmartFox is fast and intuitive and creates more value for K-12 schools and students.
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less stress, more success, and the end of the education frankensystem.

A collaboration built by people who understand what charters, districts, and, most importantly, students and families need.


School curriculum is increasingly moving online, even for on-campus students. But it can be frustrating for many students. Based on our own experience (and frustration), we created a simple and seamless solution that eliminates the need for multiple logins, learning different platforms, etc. 

More Success

Strip away the complexity, make it mobile-friendly, and deliver relevant content to students that keeps them engaged and aware of their progress...this dramatically increases the probability of student success. 


What's a Frankensystem? It's a hodgepodge of systems, software and logins that creates confusion and stress on students, parents, and teachers. It's a monster, and we dealt with it until we'd had enough. So, we built SmartFox, which integrates relevant, mobile-friendly online courses with a clean and clear LMS and SIS.


An online curriculum that helps students be more successful? Where do I sign up!?


So exciting we used a trophy icon! SmartFox helps students graduate and get into college.

Mobile Friendly

Curriculum that isn't mobile-friendly is about as useful as a corded phone these days. SmartFox works seamlessly on desktops, tablets and phones. Learning should be done anywhere and everywhere. 


No two students learn alike - we all know that, right? SmartFox allows students, with teacher guidance, to choose varied learning paths inside the content. A modern twist on a "choose your own adventure" novel.

Intuitive & Engaging

The navigation of SmartFox courses is simple and engaging. It loads fast, makes sense, and students love it. Sometimes we have to remind them that they're actually in school and learning, but that almost ruins all of the fun. We'll let you decide how to tell them that this is school stuff...


"Teachers and curriculum help drive student happiness and success at school. We've worked for years to hire staff that was a good fit for our students. We're happy to now pair our student-focused teachers with student-driven, engaging curriculum that's NCAA and UC a-g approved. It's fast and easy to navigate, it's updated and relevant, and it's aligned to the latest educational standards and best practices." 
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mark holley, co-founder of smartfox and method schools

"We've built SmartFox because there was nothing in the K-12 market that solved our specific needs. A mobile-friendly and relevant curriculum that integrates seamlessly with an LMS, SIS, and other online platforms as needed. Online curriculum was built in a way where we had to adapt our school to fit their curriculum, which didn't work for us. So, we've built SmartFox. Along the way, we've talked to many schools and districts who feel like we do, and that's why we're making SmartFox available to others."

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SmartFox: unlimited possibilities for K-12 students. 
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