Online students shouldn't need to worry about the technology.

The student software and technology allowance provides students resources for software and technology needs that are required for success as an online student. Students who enroll at Method later in the year receive a prorated allowance:

  • October 31: $800 (full allowance)
  • November 30: $600
  • January 31: $400
  • March 31: $200
  • April 1 and later: no direct software allowance, but parents can work with home room teacher to ensure all student software and tech needs are met. 


How it Works

Each year, students are allotted "store points" that can be used for software and technology needs that arise as a result of being an online student. Most items require parent approval, but some small ticket items can be purchased directly by the student using points. All Method students are eligible for the software and tech allowance as long as they're enrolled by the deadlines posted on this page. 

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Software & Tech Allowance FAQs

Can vendors apply to become approved for the software allowance? 

Method carefully curates software subscriptions that work in conjunction with our academic program. At this time, we do not solicit or accept vendor applications for use in our software allowance program.

Does the software allowance roll over from year to year? 

No. The software allowance is determined each school year as we set our annual
budget. At this time, we do not roll over the software allowance from year to

I have enrolled multiple children at Method. Does each child receive a software allowance? 

Yes. Each student enrolled at Method Schools receives a software allowance.

What happens if we leave Method Schools midway through the school year? 

Software subscriptions are provided as a complement to Method’s standard
curriculum. Once you are no longer a student at Method Schools, your student's subscriptions will be terminated.

Do we have to return items purchased via the software allowance? 

Any technology equipment purchased via the software allowance must be returned to Method Schools upon withdrawal from Method. You are welcome to keep non-subscription software and technology for as long as your child is a student at Method

Why is the software allowance prorated based on my child's start date? 

The software allowance is a portion of the curriculum budget for each student, which is calculated based on the length of enrollment. Students who are with Method for less than a year will have an allowance equal to the
number of quarters the student is enrolled

What happens if I change my mind about software? 

Where applicable, Method can cancel your child's subscription and apply the difference to their fund balance. We strongly recommend that you work with their homeroom teacher or review software before selecting a subscription.

How can I access my child’s software allowance? 

In the Smartfox LMS, you and your child can select items via the Software Allowance tab. This will also show you’re your remaining allowance once items have been purchased.

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Can we recommend websites and/or software for the allowance? 

If there is an educational subscription you think would fit well with your child’s curriculum, please bring it up with your Homeroom Teacher. There is no guarantee that every site will be approved.

Can we use the allowance for experiences or field trips? 

No. The software allowance can only be applied to pre-approved software subscriptions available for selection in SmartFox. Method offers educational field trips as part of its standard program. Please check the events page or contact your HRT for a list of planned field trips.