Student Showcase

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Woman's Day, 2018: "I drew a picture for it. Mainly because I was inspired by the google doodles that I saw and because I thought it would be fun. The picture is three women in the colors of Woman's Day, white, green, and purple. They are all unique and different, Woman's Day is a very important day to me and probably many people.

- Jaden, grade 6.


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The Day it rained hearts. Created by one of our very own Smart School online students. Showcasing her project for Language Arts




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"The Iroquious were the people of the long house. They could build houses up to 334 feet. The family is headed by the grand mother their family's were about twenty familys in one. The Iroquious had no written language but that didn't mean that they weren't important and didn't have a great culture.

-Indi, grade