A Fresh Approach To Online School

For years home school and online learning have gone hand in hand. But it hasn’t always been a blissful coexistence. Even if the online curriculum is awesome, students still need regular interaction with a teacher who "gets it." A teacher who understands that lecturing in front of 30 kids doesn’t work anymore (did it ever?).

Method is different. Our teachers are experts at helping individual students succeed using non-traditional methods. Matched with mobile-friendly curriculum and flexible pacing, Method students really can learn anytime, anywhere.

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Method Students Take
Courses Wherever They Go.

Responsive course design is awesome but just part of the story at Method. Online learning and independent study doesn't work without exceptional teacher support. Our teachers are experienced at working with students who learn online or spend some of their learning time away from traditional classrooms.

The "Method Mix" is our way of delivering an exceptional learning experience for all of our students. The Method Mix combines: 

  • Exceptional teachers experienced in virtual teaching
  • Mobile-friendly and intuitive online courses
  • Tons of extra-curricular activities called "tiles"
  • One-on-one and small group tutoring
  • A learning plan that's customized for each student
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Exceptional Teachers 

Method's teachers are built to teach in innovative, non-traditional settings. They understand what it takes to help students succeed in a day and age much different than it was for us. 

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Online Learning + Tiles

Clear and engaging online curriculum that works across all devices, plus awesome non-curricular tiles make for a modern and successful 21st century school experience. 

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Enrichment Funds

Part of a well-rounded learning experience is having access to resources that allow students to take their learning outside the classroom. Ask us more about enrichment funds. 

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"Today, California students have many options. We've tried to make Method the most complete independent school experience out there. It's basically a private school experience at a public school price - it's tuition-free. We've worked for several years mastering what we feel is a mix of academics and non-curricular experiences that will prepare students for the future while ensuring they're happy and excited to go to school now. We'd love to talk to you more about having your student join us for the 2018-19 school year."

Dr. Jessica Spallino, Co-Founder and CEO of Method Schools