Open Enrollment

Method Schools is open enrollment and welcomes all mid-year enrollment forms. The enrollment process is the same, however, we need additional documents.

Students who transfer mid-year must submit the enrollment form online at


There are additional documents we need from you to work at Method Schools. This includes a copy of your child's grades at the time of withdrawal and/or a transcript for high school students. We will need the following, which you can submit at a later date:

  • A copy of your child's birth certificate or a passport
  • Two proofs of residency, such as utility bills, mortgage statement, vehicle registration, tax document
  • Immunization records

Mid-Year Class Enrollment

We must verify your grades at the time you leave your current school, so we can best place you in the curriculum at Method. When you're enrolling mid-year, please turn in a grade report along with proof of withdrawal. The grade report will tell us your child's standing grades at the time they withdrew. This helps us get an idea where your child needs to be in our curriculum. Please note if your child is a high schooler and current grades are F's, your child is subject to begin their class again.

Proof of Withdrawal

Proof of withdrawal is an official document stating your child/student's last day of attendance at their school. This document needs signing by the Registrar's office or the principal, and you will need to submit this form to your enrollment specialist before starting school at Method.