Records Request

You can request official records via fax at 760-560-1605

Requesting Records

If you are a Registrar requesting records for a former student, please submit an official fax at 760-560-1605 or email our Registrar, Sandra Bartz at 

Please note that Method Schools has digitized all cumulative records, and we will send you digital copies via email with a password-protected PDF document. We do not mail cumulative records anymore.

Sending Records

While we prefer digital cumulative records, we know that not all schools have converted to digitized cumes. If you need to send us cumulative records, please mail them to-

Method Schools

Attn: Sandi Bartz

38750 Sky Canyon Dr STE B

Murrieta, CA 92563

If you take part in digitized cumulative records, please email or fax all cumes to 760-560-1605 or Sandra Bartz