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New for 2019-20

↘️ Lower student-teacher ratio to 20:1 

✌️ Doubled math instructional staff

🔬50% increase in science staff

🚐 3 "teach squad" STEM vans + mobile teachers

😀 Increased special education support with a complete "in-house" SPED team

💬 Extended student help chat hours


Why Choose Method?

There's a place for your student here.

A few numbers that describe what we're doing


Year-over-year state math score increase

Based on CAASAP 2018-19 to 2017-18 test results

% 4

Year-over-year state language arts score increase

Based on CAASAP 2018-19 to 2017-18 test results

Ave Class Size

Current (2019-20) school year

This Year at Method

Method isn't just a school. It's a community. Because Method is virtual, attendance is open from July through January. After January, the attendance window is typically closed for the current year. 


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Why We're Here

We’re in business because of trust and choice – not because students are assigned to us based on where they live. We need to earn that trust through every single interaction, every single day.  We win with lower student-teacher ratios, custom curriculum solutions, and a team-first, adaptable culture. Our business model is enabled by new revenue sources derived from internally developed innovations originally built as solutions to Method’s own pain points. These innovations build trust, enhance our product, improve academic outcomes, and grow our brand position in a crowded and redundant market space.

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  • Fill out online enrollment form
  • Turn in required docs
  • Sign the master agreement
  • Meet your teacher(s) and start classes!
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Teach Squad

Teachers driving in vans drinking coffee. Ok, not so much but our mobile teachers will deliver STEM lessons, tutoring and social opps throughout So Cal in 2019 using our new steM vans.

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Thematic Field Trips

Rad field trips and real world learning outside the classroom. 2019 is the year of the pig and will also be the year of the field trip!

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After amazing teachers tiles are one of our students' favorite features at Method. Compliments promote well-rounded learning and provide lots of socialization opportunities too. 

New For 19/20

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SmartFox: Custom-made by Method curriculum pros just for Method Students

SmartFox, custom built by Method curriculum development professionals, is UC and NCAA approved, and students like it because it's simple to navigate and it works on all their devices. Perhaps one of the best features is that SmartFox keeps California education funds in California, rather than sending to an out-of-state vendor.

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Learning at Method is 24/7/365. Our students are a diverse and engaged bunch, active in everything from coding to mountain biking, drama to dance, and everything in between. Because true learning is experiential. Is it home school? Independent study? Nah. It’s Method.