Method Students Take Courses Wherever They Go.



What is Method? K-12 Online Courses, Unlimited Teacher Guidance, Learning Extensions, and Instructional Funds. 

First off, Method is a network of independent study public charter schools. As such, we're 100% tuition-free. We serve K-12 students in all Southern California counties using online curriculum built specifically for Method students by Method curriculum developers. Our curriculum is built to match the needs of our students because it was made just for them!

We also feature unlimited teacher support from our awesome CA-credentialed teachers who are specifically experienced in working with students in non-traditional and innovative ways (such as Method), online or even in person at one of our learning centers. Students can also come in to participate in "tiles," which are enrichment programs and learning extensions designed to reinforce learning - and make it fun.




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flexible online learning

Method uses SmartFox, custom-made online curriculum that's flexible for our K-12 students. And, it works across all devices, keeping students and parents learning and informed.

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lots of teacher interaction

Exceptional teachers who are experienced at independent study, along with consistent contact and personal instruction is the most important component of any online learning program.

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learning extension "tiles"

Tiles help round out the holistic learning experience at Method, and help to engage students and create a fun and personal learning environment.


Answering the "What is Method?" Question 

A picture's worth a thousand words. So is a video worth a thousand pictures? We weren't sure. But, an easy way to share the basics about Method is to watch a quick video from two of our all-star teachers. It's uncut and it's awesome. 

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Tiles Deliver A More Customized School Experience For SoCal Students

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Tiles are diverse learning extensions that increase engagement

Tiles are meant to be fun. They drive learning home and make school an enjoyable experience for our students.

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Tiles help students be well-rounded and happy with their school experience

The navigation of SmartFox courses is simple and engaging. It loads fast, makes sense, and students love it. Sometimes we have to remind them that they're actually in school and learning, but that almost ruins all of the fun.

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Student instructional funds can cover the cost of some tiles

Curriculum that isn't mobile-friendly is about as useful as a corded phone these days. SmartFox works seamlessly on desktops, tablets and phones. Thanks to SmartFox, Method students learn anywhere and everywhere.

Every year we refine things and strive to improve. For Fall 2018, students will get more personalized learning, mobile-friendly classes, more project-based learning, robotics, extracurricular activities, and much more. School has changed - let us show you how.




Online Classes Built Specifically For Method K-12 Students

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WASC accredited, UC a-g + NCAA approved

Method is WASC accredited, and our SmartFox curriculum features UC a-g and NCAA approved courses.

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Flexible learning paths

We built SmartFox to be extra flexible and personal. One of the features students like the best is the "choose your own adventure" learning paths.

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Works across all devices

SmartFox is built on a "mobile-first" responsive platform, and courses look and function great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.


Typical Method Students Include: 


Student Athletes

Our customized sports-based curriculum ensures our students are actively engaged and truly enjoy learning. And our exceptional teachers are former collegiate athletes and experts at helping each individual student succeed. Method includes: 

  • Elite sports training paired with elite education
  • Exceptional teachers who are former collegiate athletes
  • WASC accredited, NCAA & UC approved 
  • Customized sport based curriculum designed for athletes
  • Mobile-friendly and flexible courses, students can take their schooling anywhere
  • Instructional funds that can be allocated to enhance and round out the learning experience


K-12 Home School Students

Our online home school program is a perfect fit for students who learn best in a non-traditional setting. All Method students benefit from what we call the "Method Mix," which is our way of delivering an exceptional learning experience for all of our students. The Method Mix features: 

  • Exceptional teachers experienced in virtual teaching
  • Mobile-friendly and intuitive online courses
  • Extra-curricular tiles
  • One-on-one and small group tutoring
  • A learning plan that's customized for each student
  • Instructional funds that can be allocated to enhance and round out the learning experience


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School Students Catching Up or Getting Ahead

Most credit recovery/acceleration at Method happens during summer. Method is Southern California's only online summer school that features a comprehensive UC and NCAA approved course catalog, 100+ course choices, and a simplified enrollment process. We've served nearly 12,000 students over the past three years in our credit recovery and acceleration programs.

Like all programs at Method, summer school is 100% tuition-free.



THE METHOD MIX. the most personal independent study option available. new for 2018-19.

Awesome Teachers, Curriculum, and Extracurriculars. 


Secure A Spot For 2018-19

These days students have options. Traditional public school work for some students, but not all. School choice means all students in Southern California get access to free public schools that aren't traditional, but get exceptional results. Method is open to K-12 students in all SoCal counties who want a results-driven and non-traditional independent study option. To secure a spot for our 2018-19 school year, click below.





Online Curriculum You'll Actually Like

SmartFox is UC and NCAA approved, and students like it because it's simple to navigate and it works on their phone, computer, tablet...pretty much everything. 




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