Graduation Requirements

To prepare students for a rigorous post-secondary education, Method Schools offers a course catalog that includes courses that are University of California a-g approved and align to the state’s academic standards.

Our high schoolers need 220 credits to graduation with Method Schools; Each school is different and these graduation requirements pertain to Method only. To prepare our students for a rigorous post-secondary education, the University of California a-g approves our classes to align to the state's academic standards. Graduation requirements are below. For more information, check out our student/parent handbook.

  • English/Language Arts - 40 Credits
  • Math (Geometry Or Integrated Math II Required) - 30 Credits
  • History/Social Science - 30 Credits
  • Science (1 Year Of Lab Sci. Required) - 30 Credits
  • World Language - 20 Credits
  • Visual & Performing Arts - 10 Credits
  • Health - 5 Credits
  • Physical Education - 20 Credits
  • Electives/Career Education - 35 Credits