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How Online School Works

Our courses contain modules with lessons, quizzes, and assignments. The class is self-paced with no set time that instruction takes place.

Each course contains a set number of modules (similar to chapters). Within the modules, there will be lessons and an assignment and a quiz that correlates to that lesson. After each module, there is a module exam. Quizzes and exams have a time limit, and you will complete them online; they incorporate short answer and multiple choice questions.

You can complete assignments offline using Microsoft Word or Google Doc, but it is preferred to copy and paste your work within the assignment portal in your class.

There is no set time where you have to log in each day. Your day is flexible with the time you log in, but use your pacing guide as a guideline, so you don't get behind in your class.

The lessons are not live. Everything is pre-recorded, and self-paced so you can go back and reread/watch any of the lessons.