Is homeschooling right for my child?

Parents normally have two reasons for wanting to homeschool their child: (1) an increased wish to involve themselves in their child's education and (2) discontent with local schools.

Homeschooling becomes an option for parents who wish to have a leading role in what their child is learning or because it dissatisfies them with the school district or current school, they are attending. Feelings of discontent can grow from an array of factors; from more help with learning disabilities to wishing to not limit their child's intelligence to go at the pace of other students to even feelings of concern for their child's safety within school limits.

Again, although there are many reasons that can play into why families switch to homeschooling programs, in conclusion, it is an alternative form of education in which the parent or parents feel is best for their child because of wishing for the child to succeed in their studies and excel as an individual. We encourage you to speak with an Enrollment Specialist to find out if Method Schools can be the right fit for you.