Learning Track

Method has one learning calendar/track, which begins July 1.

Method Schools is a year-round school. Our school year begins on July 1st, 2020. Typically, the courses can take up to six weeks long, however, since we personalize them it may take even less time. Since we are a year-round school, there is no end date, if a student is transferring back to a different school they must notify us so we may personalize the course to that date. When they finish their work, they will notify their teacher and must request transcripts to be sent to whichever school they plan to attend. You do not have to dis-enroll from your current high school to begin at Method Schools during the start of our school year; However, if you're not planning to stay with Method after the six-week classes, you will need to notify your enrollment specialist.

To enroll, please fill out the 2020/2021 form: methodschools.org/enroll.

View our 2020-21 course-list to see our UC & NCAA courses: methodschools.org/courses.

Course descriptions can be found here: https://www.methodschools.org/smartfox-k-12-course



What Documents are required?

We require two proofs of residencys (two different bills that prove your southern California address) and a birth certificate/passport only.

What if the course I want does not show up on the list?

If a student is planning on transferring their credits, a district may dictate what courses they will accept from an out of district school which will dictate the available course list. Districts may also have stipulations on how many credits a student may receive from an out of district school.

Can I finish early?

Of course! Here at Method Schools, our courses are self-paced and personalized only requiring about an hour and a half of work Monday - Friday. A student may work longer or during the weekend starting July 1st to meet personal deadlines.

What does (A) and (B) stand for? What if I want the full-year?

Courses are divided by two semesters, (A - Semester one) and (B - Semester two) each being worth 5 credits. If a student only wishes to take one semester they may do so, or enroll in the full year. When students finish A, they may start B right away.

Why is my elective course not UC or NCAA Approved?

Courses such as Physical Education or Health are considered high school graduation requirements and are not considered UC or NCAA approved courses. Typically core classes would have these approvals.

How do the courses work?

Within the course, there are modules that contain lesson plans so there is no textbook required. After each lesson plan, your student will be greeted with a quiz that is multiple choice and can be retaken. At the end of each module, there will be a test, and at the end of the final module, there will be an online final exam. The online final exam is the only test that requires a webcam in order for the teacher to monitor the student. During this the length of the course your students will be able to message or video chat with their teacher if they need any assistance in the course.