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Enrollment is open for all grades for the 23-24 school year. Students in grades K-12 in all SoCal counties are eligible to attend Method.

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Getting Started : Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year is open for grade levels K-12. Please start by filling out the form on this page.

Method is a year-round public charter school. Our school year begins in July each year. The 2023-24 school year begins July 3rd, 2023. Courses are taught online, and there is no tuition cost. Method is WASC-accredited and features UC a-g and NCAA-approved online courses taught by teachers certified to teach in California.

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About Method

For the fastest reply, chat with us on this page - just click the chat icon below. We can also be reached at info@methodschools.org. We reply back to emails within one business day, but usually within an hour wherever possible. We can also be reached by phone, but due to volume, chat and email are preferred (and the fastest).

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Students who are in grades K-12, who are not currently enrolled in another school, and who reside in any of the counties listed below are eligible to enroll at Method:

As an independent study school, we're well-versed at getting students up to speed. So, you can enroll your student at any time during the school year and we'll build a school plan that works for them.

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Bernardino
Santa Barbara

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What they're saying about Method

We want students to deepen their education by engaging with activities they love. At Method Schools, you can choose from clubs, field trips, learning tiles, and tons of extracurriculars

Vector (11)

Newport Beach

Our decision to transition from the traditional classroom to Method Schools was the best thing we have ever done for our children!



"Very impressed with the staff with all the emails supporting our children letting them know where they're at, how they can finish it. Parents Also getting emails how to support their children. Best school ever."


Canyon Lake

"Great program with amazing teacher support! They will not your student struggle ! It was super easy and I can't say enough about the staff! Thank you, Method!"


Fountain Valley

"Let's face it--summer school isn't something kids usually want to do. However, sometimes it is a necessity and that was the case for my daughter (11th grade). Method Schools were recommended to us as a great online option by my daughter's traditional school guidance counselor. We signed up for an online course and we're so glad we did. My daughter has found the flexibility of an online class much more to her liking than going to campus every day. But the real selling point of Method is the support you receive. The teacher, the guidance counselor, and even the administrative staff we have interacted with have been helpful, friendly, and have shown genuine concern for our unique situation. We have some special circumstances involved and Method has been great working with us to accommodate my daughter's needs. I highly recommend Method for a great summer school option. I would also give Method strong consideration as a full time school option (which may be necessary for us in the near future). I'm so glad to know Method is available to meet our needs. Thank you Method!"

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