Master Agreement

A Master Agreement (MA) is a contract by (A) student, (B) parent/guardian, and (C) home room teacher that must be signed before enrollment is finalized at Method Schools.

The Master Agreement (MA) is a contract the student & parent must sign in to finalize enrollment. New Master Agreements are generated, and need to be signed, each time a student enrolls in new courses at Method, which is typically each semester. So, a student who spends one full year at Method will likely have two MA's for that year.

The MA includes objectives, a method of study and evaluation, resources, additional classes, reporting, assignments, etc. If one or more signatures are missing, you are not considered enrolled until it is signed by both parties.

The MA is signed and stored online, but can be printed for your records.

All Master Agreements in a student's academic history while at Method can be found in the student's portal. See below:

Inkedma from lms dashboard_LI

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