Method Schools’ History

Dr. Jessica Spallino and Mark Holley founded Method Schools in 2013 with a clear goal in mind: to build a K-12 public charter school that would end the factory model of education in Southern California, encourage rapid academic growth for every student, and manage sustainable enrollment growth each year.

Since it began, Method Schools has evolved into a leading online charter school that serves thousands of students each year. With custom-built software systems and online courses powering the way, our online learning community is led by certified teachers who have deep experience inspiring students in an independent study environment. Even as our learning network grows, we remain laser-focused on every single student, every single day—because at Method, we believe every student is our story.

Learn More About Our Founding

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Online Learning Tailored to Your Child

At Method Schools, your child will enjoy personalized attention, small classes, self-paced programs, and flexible scheduling—all within a trusted, WASC-accredited online learning community.

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Join a Thriving Online Learning Community

95% 2020 Student Satisfaction
110% Annual academic growth for students who remain at Method for an entire year
35,000+ K-12 students served since 2014

Method School's Values

Growth is a critical Method outcome for our students and our staff. We use data-informed best practices and a personal approach that leverages each student’s individual skills. We ensure our staff is highly-trained and effective at delivering the customer experience our students and their families deserve.
Part of our growth is evolving our school practices to ensure each is relevant and applicable. We don’t believe in the status quo, and we challenge our students and staff to always think bigger.
Method is rigorous, but we provide all of our students with the tools and instruction needed to exceed.
At Method, we’re accountable to our stakeholders, which include out students, their families, our staff, our authorizers, and the individual taxpayers that fund all of public education.
Method is a place of physical, emotional, and online safety for each and every one our students. We go to great lengths to ensure each student is free to learn without fear.
We focus on recruiting a student body that’s reflective of the diverse Southern California communities we serve.
All students should feel important and included at Method. We place an emphasis on allowing each student to be themselves, and to feel good about it.
Financial strength is essential to ensuring uninterrupted education occurs for our students. We focus on having little to no debt, healthy reserves, and fiscally conservative budgeting practices.

Meet Our Team of Distance Learning Experts

Our certified K-12 education staff has years of experience helping online learners achieve their dreams. We’re excited to help guide your child to success.

Dr. Jessica Spallino

Founder & CEO

Mark Holley

Founder & CBO

Stefanie Bryant

Chief Financial Officer

Jade Fernandez

Senior Director of Schools

Tracy Robertson

Director of HR & Operations/Title IX Coordinator

Amy Pinter

Director of K-8

Elizabeth Bissett

Director of High School

Austin Cipres

Athletics Director & Student Success Manager

Tracy Washington

High School Teacher/Counseling/SmartFox TV

Adam Corn

High School Teacher/Academic Lead Support/High School Counselor

Ashley Arias

High School Teacher

Natalie Arredondo

Student Success Manager

Sandra Bartz


Kayla Boudreau

High School Teacher

DJ Brown

Athletic Trainer/Student Success Manager

Thaddeus Brown

High School Teacher

Tanaya Burnham

Data & Systems Manager

Amanda Castaneda

High School Teacher

Richard Dama

High School Teacher

Dylan Darnley

MTB Coach/Program Developer

Michael Darnley

MTB Program Director

Rachel DeSena

Middle School Teacher/Literacy Team Lead

Mary Doggett

Elementary School Teacher

Christine Eikmeier

High School Teacher/Developmental Coach

Romeo Evans

Teach Squad Aide & Site Maintenance Coordinator

Jackson Faber

Middle School Teacher/Developmental Coach/Teacher Coach

Marina Farillas

Enrollment Specialist

Sally Feng

Elementary School Teacher/SmartFox TV Anchor & Producer

Sabrina Godshaw

K-12 Teacher/504 Coordinator/Developmental Coach

James Grizzle

High School Teacher/Test Coordinator/Teacher Coach

Jennifer Grover

High School Teacher

Daniel Hagerty

Middle School Teacher

Davida Harvey

Special Education Resource Specialist Teacher

Ashlyn Holley

Special Projects Assistant

Lisa Honig

Middle School Teacher/Lead Instructional Coach

Dalton Hunkle

High School Teacher/Athletics

Andrea James

High School Teacher/Developmental Coach

Jen Johnson

Student Success Manager/SSM Lead/Lead Instructional Coach

Jay Kott

Database Developer

Kamryn Levins


Ashley Madrigal

Elementary School Teacher

Shireen Malek

Elementary School Teacher

Chris Marten

Middle School Teacher

Alejandro Martinez

Student Success Manager/Academic Data Specialist

Dustin Mathias

Curriculum Writer

Marcella Monney

K12 Teacher

Tamara Moody

Elementary School Teacher

Kim Mukuriah

Student Success Manager, Lead SSM, and SmartFox TV Anchor/Producer

Kim Nellum

High School Teacher

Grace Pak

High School Teacher

Richard Palanca

Senior Web Developer

Melody Perez

Middle School Teacher

Travis Queen

IT Specialist

Kyle Quintero

Middle School Teacher

Bryan Reinecke

High School Teacher/Data Analyst

Angela Rheaume

Elementary School Teacher/Test Coordinator

Yvette Rios

Data Coordinator

Robert Robinson

High School Teacher

Desiree Rodriguez

Elementary School Teacher

Natally Rodriguez

High School Teacher

Carlos Sanchez

High School Teacher

Taylor Sanchez

Systems and Curriculum Specialist

Rebecca Santos (Ricci)

Administrative Support

Diksha Sudarshan

Student Success Manager

Luke Teixeira

Middle School Teacher

Awara Van Sumer

Elementary School Teacher

Isabella Venezia

Student Athlete Success Manager

Sarah Waggoner

Student Success Manager

James Walsh

Middle School Teacher/Test Coordinator

Michelle Webb

Student Success Manager/Lead Developmental Coach

Jennifer Wiersma

Community Development and Events Specialist

Courtney Williams

Marketing & Enrollment Specialist

Charlotte Woosley

Middle School Teacher

Alyson Yeates

Student Success Manager

Chris Yeates

High School Teacher

Christine Young

Director of Special Education/Developmental Coach

Masooma Yousuf

Middle School Teacher
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