Student Instructional Funds

Method parents can select additional curriculum and services from a pre-approved list to personalize and maximize their child's learning experience.

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How it Works

Method students benefit from up to $1,500 in instructional funds which can enhance the student experience and promote individual learning. Here's a summary of how it works:

Parent selects vendor from pre-approved list

Method curriculum pros research, curate and update the list each quarter

Parent submits request in SmartFox portal

The purchase can be submitted through the student or parent portal in SmartFox.

If approved, curriculum or service is purchased by Method

The purchase will be deducted from the student's instructional funds (IF) balance

Approved Vendor List

Instructional Funds FAQs

Can I request my own vendor?
Can I save or "rollover" funds into the next school year?
What kinds of purchases can instructional funds cover?
Are funds prorated if my student enrolls at Method during the school year? Yes. Click to see prorated amount by date.
Are funds transferred to me so I can make the purchase myself?
Where can I request instructional funding?

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