How it Works

Method students benefit from up to $1,500 in instructional funds which can enhance the student experience and promote individual learning. Here's a summary of how it works:

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Parent selects vendor from pre-approved list
Method curriculum pros research, curate and update the list each quarter
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Parent submits request in SmartFox portal
The purchase can be submitted through the student or parent portal in SmartFox.
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If approved, curriculum or service is purchased by Method
The purchase will be deducted from the student's instructional funds (IF) balance


Approved Vendor List


Instructional Funds FAQs

Can I request  my own vendor?

At this time we are not accepting new vendors but families can make recommendations for future approvals.

Can I save or "rollover" funds into the  next school year?

Funds are pro-rated based on the enrollment date and are to be used during the current enrolled school year.  Funds and subscriptions are closed at the end of the current school year. 

What kinds of purchases  can instructional funds cover?

Instructional funds cover supplemental support curriculum that does not replace the school curriculum.  Examples include supplemental math, reading, writing, and STEM subscriptions for enhanced learning opportunities. They do not cover computer or connectivity equipment.  Field trips and excursions are not included or covered under instructional funding. 

Are funds prorated if my student enrolls at Method during the school year? Yes. Click to see prorated amount by date.

Funds begin at $1,500 per student and are prorated beginning 10/1 based on the following schedule:

    • Up to 9/30: $1,500

    • 10/1: $1,350

    • 11/1: $1,200

    • 12/1: $1,050

    • 1/1: $900

    • 2/1: $750

    • 3/1: $600

    • 4/1: $450

    • 5/1: $300

Are funds transferred to me so  I can make the purchase myself?

No. All transactions are handled by Method's funds' coordinator. Method purchases items after they're approved by the appropriate approver in Smartfox - families do not make purchases and get reimbursed.

Where can I request  instructional funding?

Parents can log into the parent portal on SmartFox and place their requests.