Method Culture Code: MC2

Method Culture Code

We call the seven tenets of the Method Culture Code MC2, which reminds us why we're in business, reinforces who and what we focus on, and drives how we operate.

Mission Driven
Mission Driven

Our mission is to aggressively advance K-12 public education through continuously designing solutions that promote targeted student growth and a culture of engagement, inclusivity and equality.

Customer Focused
Customer Focused

Our customers are:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Family members
  • Schools district and counselor partners
Data informed
Data informed
  • Consistently using data to meet goals and objectives
  • Combining data analysis with judgment and collaboration to improve and develop new solutions
  • Applying data informed processes to continuously improve what we deliver to the customer
Solution Designers
Solution Designers

We're solution designers by:

  • Consistently identifying ways to improve our solutions
  • Developing new modalities for students to enhance engagement and performance
  • Challenging ourselves to continuous experimentation
  • Thinking and acting as futurists
Relationship Centric
Relationship Centric

We value relationships by:

  • Collectively working towards goals and objectives
  • Being aware of how actions and behaviors affect others
  • Overcoming challenges through coaching and support
  • Being consistent in communication, appreciation and respect for others
  • Providing constructive feedback in a safe environment
  • Holding high expectations of ourselves and others
Continuously Learning
Continuously Learning

We are always learning by:

  • Being curious about how to improve individually and collectively
  • Committing to continuous learning, exploration and experimentation
  • Learning from and teaching others
  • Operating with a desire to improve, grow and develop
Remember Why We're in Business
Remember Why We're in Business
  • We’re in business because of trust and choice – not because students are assigned to our schools based on where they live. We work to earn that trust through every single interaction, every single day.
  • Students always come first. Easy to say, but more important to do. Our focus on doing, rather than just saying, has led to year over year academic growth, enrollment growth, and student satisfaction growth.

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