it starts with a growth mindset

Working at Method

Working at Method is different. It doesn't feel like a typical teaching or other education-related job. Because it isn't. We know all students learn differently, and no two are alike. Teachers are the same way. We provide a flexible setting, a results-driven mindset and a blank canvas. You do the rest. 

As Method has grown, more positions have been required. We've gotten bigger. We've figured some things out. Started some new ventures, and quit some others that didn't work. Just like students, we're all learning and getting better everyday. If you have a growth mindset and a vision for what you think you can do do make education more personal, more individual, and more custom...we have a place for you. 

Online high school

You will be working with some awesome creatives.

Is there anything better than working with awesome people? People who truly care about students, who challenge the status quo, and who have a truly relentless pursuit of mission. Great co-workers make for great workplaces, and at Method you'll get that in spades.

We value our people.

Happy employees make us all happy, and they help facilitate student growth. We provide all employees with numerous professional development opportunities. And while we expect a lot, we make sure all Method employees have the tools and skills to succeed. 

Don't worry, we care about your compensation too.

Employees who add value should be compensated fairly. At Method, we love growth - academic, enrollment, and personal growth. To get there, we work hard to ensure our employees are taken care of with competitive wages, awesome medical benefits, and some of the most generous retirement plans in education. 

Upward mobility matters. 

One of the biggest differences you'll find at Method is a focus on leadership development and career growth. Many teachers want to be teachers for their entire careers. Awesome! but others might want other options, such as leadership, curriculum development, research, and more. We make sure employees have plenty of runway to grow. 

growth requires letting go of many preconceived notions about education

Working in education today is fast-paced and requires flexibility, vision, and teamwork.

"I love seeing and being a part of what might be considered somewhat of a resistance to outdated educational thinking. Many educational approaches and timeless. But with new experiences, technology and tools, we're faced with great opportunities to change education for the better every single day. I'm humbled by the growth of Method, and especially our students and employees. Everyday I learn something from the wonderful people that make Method what it is."

-Mark Holley, Co-Founder of Method Schools

building something great is a team sport

Open Positions

Blended Learning Math Teacher

Full time - Los Angeles

Blended Learning Math Teacher (onsite)

Full time - Murrieta

Summer Online Teacher

Full time - Completely Online

Identify Subject Area on Application  

Summer Student Success Manager

Full time - Completely Online

Identify Subject Area on Application if applicable

Student Records Technician