Method Schools’ K-12 online program is accredited by the Western Association of Colleges and Schools (WASC) and led by certified distance learning experts.

More Attention, More Growth

You know impersonal busy work in crowded classrooms doesn’t work. We give your child one-on-one direction and adaptive programming to inspire faster, more thorough learning growth.

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"Method has been absolutely the perfect solution for us. When we realized our son's school was not going to go back in person for the majority of the year, we had to widen our ideas, and Method has been great. The curriculum has been easy to follow along, and the support has been wonderful. It has been an amazing experience!"
Julie, Long Beach
Kid learning
Access self-paced programs
Access self-paced programs that let your child advance quickly or spend more time covering critical subjects.
Learn from certified distance learning experts
Learn from certified distance learning experts who are trained to lead your child online.
Enjoy engaging
Enjoy engaging, fun coursework and activity-based learning programs.
Learn through socialization programs
Learn through socialization programs designed to teach students critical social skills.
Unlock an accredited K-12 curriculum
Unlock an accredited K-12 curriculum in a caring online environment—one that’s 100% tuition-free.

Flexible Schedules Mean You See Your Child More

Our flexible online format lets you choose your child’s learning schedule. That means they learn in an environment that fits their needs, and you get more time to parent them during some of their most formative years.

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“The teachers, counselors and staff are amazing. They are extremely dedicated, and they provide the best education to my son. I am very thankful to all of them."
Elton, Glendora
Spending time with the child

Tap into Invaluable Early Learning Success

You know how critical K-5 education is to your child’s future development, and so do we. That’s why we give your child personalized attention, engaging curriculum, and a fun online learning environment.

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"Online school seems way better than actually having to go in, and the people that we have worked with seem pretty awesome so far."
Lauren, Menifee
Boy enjoys learning

Tap into Online Learning for All Students

Students have unique passions and learning needs. We craft an engaging online learning environment to help students with different learning styles and interests thrive, including:

Homeschool Students
Homeschool Students
Moving to a brick-and-mortar classroom can be a tough and unnecessary transition for homeschoolers. At Method Schools, they can advance and grow within the at-home environment they love.
Student Athletes
Student Athletes
We provide adjustable schedules, self-paced learning, and a staff of former college and pro athletes to help student athletes reach their full potential.
Performing Artists
Performing Artists
With flexible online classes and targeted instruction, performing artists have more time to perform, practice, and perfect their craft.