Our Online Teaching Platform Is Built for You

SmartFox K12 was created by our educators, for our students. It was built to drive a seamless, frustration-free learning experience.

Our Online Teaching Platform Is Build for You

Key Features

Smart Sessions
Smart Sessions adjust course content to fit your learner’s needs.
Our SmartFox K12 school information management system
Our SmartFox K12 school information management system includes built-in analytics, so our instructors can see how to push your student forward.
Student pacing guides
Student pacing guides let your student spend extra time on difficult subjects or race ahead at their own speed.
Online bullying reports
Online bullying reports keep your student safe and help us create a comfortable learning community.
Graduation Planers
Graduation planners ensure your student is on a clear path to reach their full potential.
Intuitive dashboards
Intuitive dashboards are easy to use and built to simplify your student’s remote learning experience.

Helping Power Your Student’s Future

Our SmartFox K12 system includes an integrated student information system (SIS) + learning management system (LMS). This integration speeds up enrollment, makes it easier for instructors to track progress, and helps our counselors chart a clear path to student success after graduation.

Helping Power Your Student's Future